A Quick Look at Our Absentee Bid Policy & Related Services

Fraser Auction employs a unique advance bidding system that utilizes third party assistance. Bids left as a proxy cost 20.00 per bid. Bidders that want to be called and bid live over the phone it will cost 30.00 per item. The independent Contract bidder retains the full deposit (per item) regardless of purchase. Contract buyers manage your bid under a dollar-ceiling concept with 3 basic rules.

Click here to download the Absentee Bid Form

  1. Absentee bids cannot open bidding, opening bids accepted in person only.
  2. Contract buyers must adhere to the general progression of bidding at all times. No redoubled or excessive bidding within the set price.
  3. Agents will conduct bidding like it is their own money being spent.

The name and number of your Contract bidder can be provided with your receipt for verification. All registered bids are final, the Contract bidder will not exceed the ceiling price under any circumstances. All bids are in Canadian dollars and subject to applicable tax in addition to the purchase price. US funds will be calculated to the exchange rate on day of sale.

For more information or to request an absentee bid form, contact our office at 1-800-483-5856 or office@fraserauction.com

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