DIRECTIONS: Sale will be held at Fraser Auction Service Ltd. Sales yard 1/4 mile north of the junction of highways #1 & #10 on 25 Wheatbelt Road. Brandon, MB.







 NOTE: Since bees are being consigned from Apiarists all over Manitoba the sale will be conducted at the Fraser Auction Service Barn in Brandon, MB by video pre­sentation. Buyers wanting to see the bees in person will need to do so prior to sale. Seller contact information is listed below so you can contact them for directions to hive yards and info about their bees.


LIVE BEES: (Quantity of bees are approximate)


  1. PATRIC COX +/-25 nucs (204-855-2492)


  1. BILL BYGARSKI +/-15 nucs(204-573-8683) These are 5 frame Nucs in Jester EZ-Nuc boxes. Average 3 frames of brood and 2 frames of honey/pollen. All queens are 017. They where treated Formic last fall, and Apivar this spring. They also had 3 treatments of Oxysol this spring.


  1. MARK UNRAU +/-20 nucs(204-685-2941) These are overwintered nucs made up last summer using Dawn Clark queens. They were treated twice last fall with Oxalic Acid vapor, and once this spring. Apivar strips were installed this spring. They were treated spring & fall with Oxytet. These are 5 frame nucs with 2-3 frames of brood and good bee coverage.


  1. GRANT LAWFORD +/-200 nucs(204-761-5734) 5 frame nucs. Half in new wooden nuc boxes and half in Jester EZ nucs. Avg. 3 – 4 frames of brood. Two thirds of the nucs have new Manitoba queens raised summer of 017 and the remaining third have 018 Kona and California queens. All nucs have been disease inspected and have Apivar mite strips installed. Most frames and combs are new last year with almost all less than 3 years old. 


5)ALEX HIEBERT +/- 35 singles (204-291-1413) 10 frame singles with 4 frames of brood. 15 have 018 Kona & Foster Queens remaining are 016 Kona (35 Singles & 3 Single but are Queen-less)


  1. TERRY FEHR 4 Nucs 5 frame(204-385-2337)


  1. EARL DUECK +/-10 nucs(204-851-0798) 5 frame Nucs in Jester Easy Nuc box w/3 frames of brood, good bee coverage, 017 Queens, 2 frames of feed





  1. HERMAN KLASSEN +/-63 nucs(204-386-2103) 5 frame Jester Nuc boxes with 3 frames of brood and 2 frames of honey/pollen. All are a mixture of queens, 45 are 018 and remaining are 017 & 016. Treated last fall with Oxalic Acid andTerramycin, this spring Apivar & Terramycin


  1. MICHAEL CLARK +/-96 nucs(204-720-4844) These nucs are made from Michaels strongest hives. 15 days ago, went into hives and located the queen and raised her up with an excluder and gave her limited number of frames to lay. Nucs where made up with 3 of the best frames of brood from these where put with a frame of feed and a follower frame. Some will now have open brood on the 4thframe. Extra bees where shaken into the nuc to cover. Queens are no older than 016. Queens have been marked “pink”.





Herman Klassen: (204-386-2103)


+/- (59) 9 frame honey supers w/drawn comb


+/- (99) shallow 9 frame honey supers w/drawn comb


*(66) empty rims


*(20) 4 pack winter wraps


*(25) 1.5-gallon feed pails


*(30) 3-gallon feed pails


*(4) Nuc boxes


*(30) Brood boxes w/feed


*lids – bottom boards – ect.



Benji Penner: (204-384-0806)


+/- (60) honey supers w/drawn comb


+- (20) Brood boxes


+/- (110) New boxes w/New foundation


*60 frame extractor




ALEX HIEBERT: (204-291-1413)


+/- (62) Std 9 frame honey Supers w/drawn comb


+/- (12) Std 9 frame honey Supers w/foundation


+/- (23) 10 frame brood boxes


+/- (12) Super pallets


+/- (28) Dbl hive winter wraps


+/- (27) R20 hive top insulation boxes


+/- (10) R20 Insulation tops – only 


+/- (10) R8 top hive insulation


+/- (35) metal queen excluders


+/- (10) 4-Litre feed pails


+/- (29) 2.5-gal feed pails with S/S screens


+/- (10) 1-gal feed pails with S/S screens


+/- (5) 1-gal Inner Feeder Frames


+/- (4) Queen breeding boxes






+- 140 std 10 frame Honey Supers w/drawn comb, (approx ½ are finger joint and all are painted boxes)


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. FRASER AUCTION SERVICE LTD., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.