DIRECTIONS: Sale will be held at the farm of Del & Gert Smith, ½ Mile West of the Jct of #3 & #18 Hwys. (Just off #3 across from water tower)




DEL SMITH 204-534-7783 or FRASER AUCTION SERVICE 204-727-2001





9:00 AM


THIS SALE WILL FEATURE:  RETIREMENT DISPERSAL FOR GEORGE MOFFAT  *Farm & Industrial Equipment *Trucks *Trailers *Livestock Handling Equipment *Vehicles *Lawn & Leisure *Shop Equipment & Tools, 3PT Hitch & Acreage Equipment * Plus Misc. Pallet Lots & Soooo Much More!!!


DIRECTIONS: Sale will be held at the farm of Del & Gert Smith, ½ Mile West of the Jct of #3 & #18 Hwys. (Just off #3 across from water tower)



DEL SMITH 204-534-7783 or FRASER AUCTION SERVICE 204-727-2001


NOTE: Cheques of $50,000 or more must be accompanied by

bank letter of good standing.

For more information on this please call Fraser Auction 204-727-2001



*2003 JD 7320 tractor w/741 self leveling loader w/8’ bucket with grapple fork, factory 3PT hitch, 16spd Pwr Quad trans with Creeper gears, left hand reverser, 3 remote hyd, 18.4×42 radial rear tires, 380/85R30 new front tires, air seat, 5007hrs showing, s/nRW7320M002957


*JD 4010 Tractor w/148 loader, dual PTO


*1992 Case IH 5250 Maxum tractor with 510 loader with grapple fork, 3pt hitch, PTO, heat & air in cab, Cummins 5.7 engine, s/n JJF1023044


*Case 3594 Tractor, FWA, duals-600 metrics on front, 520 rear, 4 range, 6 speed powershift, 1000 PTO, 6400 hrs showing


*Case 1594 Tractor w/Leon 790 loader, 8’ bucket, 3PT, 3521 hrs showing, s/n 112200


*Case 730 Tractor w/power steering, 1 hyd, 540 PTO, rebuilt a couple of years ago


*1985 Versatile 856 Tractor, Designation 6, Cummings 240hp power shift, 4 remote hyd, 1000 PTO, 1804×38 Radial duals, 6720 hrs showing, s/n251388


*Ford 1210 3 cylinder DSL Tractor, hydro drive, 3pt hitch, front & rear PTO


*IH Super W6 Tractor, belt pulley and PTO, s/n6141


(2) McCormick-Deering Tractors – antique



*Case Eagle  – New


*Unverferth Mclarey 375 Hopper Gravity Wagon, extensions, DBL chute, Heavy G12 4 wheel wagon, 10.00×20 rubber


*8 Ton Tyler fertilizer spreader, stainless steel box, hyd shut off, good condition


*1 Ton Lily 3pt Fertilizer spreader, s/n 8821131


*Flexi-Coil 64 PT Sprayer, 130’ Booms, 830-gal tank


*60’ Brandt Quick Fold Sprayer w/800-gal poly tank, Chem mix tank, hyd pump


*60’ Great Plains 3PT Sprayer, complete with hyd pump & booms


*36’ Herman Harrows


*33’ Case IH 5600 Chisel Plow w/NH3 hitch & 3 row harrows


*27’ Wilrich field cultivator w/3 row harrows


*26’ Wilrich Field Cultivator, 3 row harrows


*24’ Wilrich Deep Tiller, 3 row harrows


*Dual NH3 tanks, 1000-gal tank each, SAFETIED


*14’ IH 45 Field cultivator


*12’ Cockshutt deep tiller


*7 Bottom Melroe Plow


*(2) 10’ JD 9350 Seeder, steel press wheels


*Flexi-Coil packers


*Dearborn 2 bottom plough, s/n 7994


*JD 9450 Hoe Drill – 4×10



1.Alfalfa – 2 skids 1200lb 24 x50LB bags

    Multi Leaf , Nitragin Gold Inoculant Expires Dec 31/20 

2.Alfalfa /Timothy- 3skids 1500 LB/ skid 30x 50LB bags  

    80% Alfalfa/20% Timothy , Inoculated Expires Dec 31/20  

3.Timothy – 1 skid 10x50LB bags


4.Pasture Blend 1 skid 30x50LB bags

    Alfalfa 5%, Timothy 12%, Perennial Rye Grass 3% Slender Wheat Grass 35.5%, Intermediate wheat grass 35.5%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 6%, Tall Fescue 3%   Inoculated Nitragin Gold 

5.Hay Blend 2 skids 15x50LB bags

    Alfalfa 52%, Timothy 10%, Perennial Rye Grass 5% Slender Wheat Grass 15%, Intermediate wheat grass 15%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 3%,   Inoculated Nitragin Gold


6.Erosion Blend 1 skid 24x50LB bags

     Alfalfa 12%, Timothy 15%, Perennial Rye Grass 17% Slender Wheat Grass 17%, Intermediate wheat grass 3%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 3%, Tall Fescue 3%, Oats 39%, Flax10%  Inoculated Nitragin Gold

7.Paddock Blend 1 skid 15x 50LB bags

    Timothy 10%, Perennial Rye Grass 3% Slender Wheat Grass 7.5%, Intermediate wheat grass 7.5%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 3%, Oats 50%,  

8.Wildlife Blend  1 skid 30 x 50LB bags

9.  Oats 50%,Wheat 25%,Peas 25% uncleaned

Seed Oats 1 skid 30x50LB bags

    Cleaned oats 

10.Saline Soil Mix 30x 50LB bags

11. 3x 30lb Fire Extinguisher brand new



*REM 2100 Grain Vac, 2001, s/n RM-01-2100-5020


*13”x70’ Farm King Auger, hys swing & winds & reverser, s/n 919038


*10” X 60’ Farm King Swing Auger, hyd drive on swing


*10” x 50’ Buhler Farm King Auger s/n 21500042

*8”x 61’  Westfield Swing Auger, s/n45505


*Scoop-A-Second PTO Auger


*11’ grain bin sample probe



*14’ Case IH SC414 Mower Conditioner, s/n CFH0149106


*JD 330 Rd Baler w/ gathering wheels, s/n E00330X743877


*Case IH 8480 Rd Baler


*NH 845 round baler, s/n474473


*NH 271 Square Baler, s/n4238


*Phiber Butterfly swath invertor will flip 13- 18’, swath 2 into 1, fully hyd in cab controlls


*14’ Degelman Model RR1500 rock rake, s/n 3630


*New Idea 400 hay rake


*4-wheel hay rack



*550 Western Massey Siler Top Combine, DSL, cab, air, chopper, 2218 hrs showing, s/n2363-5176


*Versatile 4700 Swather, 25’, DSL, cab, air, batt reel, DBL knife drive, 750 hrs showing, s/n288616


*25’ IH 6000 DBL Swather, gas driven


*(2) 30’ Case IH 8230 PT Swather w/pick-up reels


*2009 35’ Case 2020 Flex header, DBL knife drive, full lock up kit for rigid off ground cutting, auto header height control when it flex mode, good condition, field ready


*2007 35’ Case 2020 Flex header, DBL knife drive, full lock up kit for rigid off ground cutting, auto header height control when it flex mode, good condition, field ready


*30’ MacDon Header, dual cavas drive, mounted on a BI-DI, s/n92989



*1991 GMC Top Kick SLE Truck w/17’ B&H,  427 gas motor, automatic trans, 22.5 rubber, 28,018 kms showing, SAFETIED


*1988 Mustang 5 speed hatch back, factory manuals from Ford, some extra new parts, 250,836 kms showing, SAFETIED


*1952 Merc M3 w/V8 motor, 4 speed trans, 29,528 miles showing, VIN# PFA83AHP13288


*1981 Chev Scottsdale 10.5 ton 4×4, V8 gas auto trans, 37,678 kms showing



*2007 Argo Avenger 700, 8 wheels w/tracks and convertible top, liquid cooled,  s/n2DGLS0BL87NV24959



*2002 Castleton Super B Semi Trailer, both have tarps, Lead VIN#2C9B3S4022S133167, Pup VIN# 2C9B3S5C72S133168, SAFETIED


*Doepker B train grain trailer


*2005 45’ Lode King 2 hopper grain trailer


*20’ Real Industries cattle trailer, gooseneck


*16’ Car Hauler, 2-5200 lb axles


*Martin Reisch 8T 3-way dump trailer with roll tarp


*(112) trailer blocks



*CAT 70 PT hyd Scrapper, new bottom in tub, hyd system


*Power Matic farm scraper 3-yard, Model 425-*D, s/n205-76


*(2) 8’ Clam Buckets including cylinders, fit Case 721-821



*NEW Stout Brush Grapple XHD84 w/ skid steer quick attach, High strength ½” steel, Universal Quick attach plate, 84” x 38” x 30”, 6 7/8 Tine Spacing, Grapple opening 32”, 3034 PSI hydraulic lines, NPT ½” hydraulic flat-faced couplers, cylinder guards


*NEW Stout Brush Grapple HD 72-8 w/ skid steer attachment


*NEW Stout Skid Steer Brush Grapple 66", High Strength 3/8" Steel, Universal Quick Attach Plate, 66"x35"x28", 9" Tine Spacing, Grapple opening 32", 3045 PSI lines with 1/2" cap   


*NEW Stout Walk-Through Pallet Forks 48” w/skid steer quick attach, 3-position pin adjustment, 4000 lbs fork rating, High Strength Steel, Universal Quick Attach Plate, see through spill guard w/walk-through step, Frame 51”x57.5”


*(2) NEW Pallet Forks 48” w/skid steer quick attach, 3-position pin adjustment, 4000 lbs fork rating, High Strength Steel, Universal Quick Attach Plate, Frame 35”x45”  


*NEW Stout Skid Steer Rock Bucket/Brush Grapple Combo HD72, Open-End w/ Skid Steer Quick Attach,  72”, High Strength 3/8” Steel, Universal Quick Attach Plate, 72” x 41” x 30”, 3” Tine Spacing, Grapple Opening 39”, 3045 PSI Hydraulic Line, NPT ½” Hydraulic flat-faced couplers, cylinder guards


*NEW Stout Add-On Fork Grapple  


*New 39” Bale Spear w/Skid Steer Quick Attach


*30’ boom sprayer 3pt


*5’ Blade, 3PT hitch


*60” Farm King Mower, 3PT


*50” Farm King snow blower, 3PT


*5’ Bushhog rotary mower


*6’ 3pt cultivator


*New 6’ Wolverine Skid Steer rotary mower


*6’ 3PT cultivator


*5.5’ Skid Steer Manure Fork


*80” Skid Steer Skeleton bucket


*5’ Skid Steer Bucket


*Ferguson 3PT carrying bucket, s/n18891



*NH 519 manure spreader, s/n 508574


*Feed Box Model GP703PTH, s/n RCF192170901


*Kein Sundog 12v solar water system, floating system, no water trough


*Butler Ensilmixer, 400cu, 3 auger mixer, working scale


*Squeeze Chute


*(2) Lewis cattle oilers


*head gate


*8’x24’ Tin cattle shelter


*plastic round bale feeder


*Cattle Squeeze chute


*15’ bunk feeder


*10’ bunk feeder


*(5) 8’ gates


*(4) 10’ gates


*approx (50) panels


*(5) 24’ panels


*(3) 12’ panels


*10’ panel


*9’ panel


*8’ & 10’ gates


*14’ gate panel


*15’ gate panel


*13’ gate panel


*(2) 12’ gate panels


*9’ gate panel


*(2) 8’ gate panel


*6’ gate panel


*24’ – 7”wire mesh panel


*22’ – 7” wire mesh panel


*17’ – 7” wire mesh panel


*(4) 8’ – 7” wire mesh panel


*Horse saddle


*Assorted fence posts & traielr


*Approx 400 fence posts


*(15) fence posts


*(2) Gate panels


*(4) Round bale feeder


*(89) 6’ fence posts


*(58) 6’ fence posts


*(92) 6’ fence posts


*(45) 7’ fence posts


*(72) 7’ fence posts


*(22) 7’ fence posts





*(6) NEW Easy Kleen Magnum Gold, 4000 PSI 12V Hot Water Pressure Washer, C/W 15 HP Gas, Totally Self Contained


*(7) New 5/16” chains


*(9) New Binders


*(2) New Universal Spring Suspension Seat


*(2) New Flexible Ratchet Combination Wrench Set, 24 pce


*New 1” Air Impact Wrench


*New ½” or 3/8” air ratchet Wrench


*New 3’ Air cutoff tool


*New 3/8” Air Drill


*New Air Drill


*New Air Saw


*Simoniz 1600 psi electric pressure washer


*ITC 3 ton hyd floor jack


*Blackjack 20 ton hyd bottle jack


*Pyrene 10lb ABC multipurpose fire extinguisher (fully charged)


*Mastercraft 100 piece drill bit set w/ Drill Doctor bit sharpener


*PowerFist 35T jack, air over hyd


*Mastercraft gas generator AC/CA 120V


*5 gallon pail misc – bolts, muffler clamps, u-bolts


*5 gallon pail misc – roller chains


*Small box misc – fuel nozzles, valves


*small box misc – hyd fittings


*18”x20”x48” solid wood storage cabinet




*(2) circular shop lights


*Implement jack


*Work table


*Misc steel plates and one clamp



*(4) 24” x30” concrete sidewalk slabs


*(10) 24” x30” concrete sidewalk slabs


*pallet – misc cement blocks


*Craftsman 54” lawn mower, 23HP, hydro drive, 88Hrs showing


*JD GX75 ride on lawn mower with double bagger, new vacuum blade, 9HP, 32 “ deck


*John Deere 54” Lawn Sweep


*B & D 16” electric hedge trimmer


*Weed Eater 22” gas hedge trimmer


*Troy Bilt 27cc electric start weed eater


*Stihl mm55 roto tiller


*Craftsman 5HP 26” power reverse roto tiller


*FIMCO lawn sprayer, 25 gal


*Large wheel barrow



*NEW – metal sheets – various sizes and lengths



*10,000-gal water or fertilizer tank


*9,000-gal water or fert tank


*4,000-gal water tank with chem mixer & hyd pumps with trailer (TOD)


*(2) 1550-Gal-water tank


*1200-Gal water tank


*Green water tank


*1000-gal water tank on trailer


*water tank on trailer



*(6) 20.8×42 Titan tractor tires


*(4) New 9.5Lx15 Implement tires


*(4) New 11Lx15 Implement tires


*(4) New 12×16 Skid Steer tires


*(4) New 10×16 Skid Steer tires


*(4) New 255/75R22.5 tires on Alum rims


*(4) New 255/75R22.5 tires on Steel rims


*Assortment of New Tires


*(4) Double Road 11R22.5 retread grip tires (like new)


*(2) Laufwnn used LT 265/70R17 tires (10/32 tread)


*10 bolt 20” heavy truck steel wheel


*New 8 bolt 9.5” Implement hub assembly


*Implement tires – various


*Various Tires – (6) 9.5L-15 Good Year tires, (2) 11L-16 tires, 11.00-16 Good Year Tire


*(2) 8 Bolt rims


*(4) used Skid Steer tires



*Farm King PTO shaft – complete


*New 300 watt dust proof light fixture


*Pair – 6” x 10” Large rearview mirrors


*several misc pieces of Westeel bin door parts



Not responsible for errors in description. Subject to additions and or deletions.

Property owners and Fraser Auction Service not responsible for any accidents.

GST & PST where applicable. TERMS: Cash or cheque.

Sale conducted by FRASER AUCTION SERVICE 1-800-483-5856















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